The president of U.S. Steel has organized private Haloween party at the end of October in his garden in Košice. People haVe worn different masks, however the weather wasn’t warm enough. The smorgasboards were full of grilled steaks and many other kinds of food and quality drinks. Women’s favourite drinks were mixed drinks.


New shop NOVEDAS is a bathroom studio which offers different variations of bathrooms and accessories for wide range of customers. It’s primarily about Spanish tiling and pavement. The reception had similar spirit. We have prepared Spanish cuisine such as „paella“ for invited guests. It was very interesting to see our guests enjoying their meal next to the sink or shower stall.

ŽSR-ZSSK CARGO25. November 2008

The reception on the occasion of ceremonial signing long lasted contract of terminal of combined transport Dobrá was held with Slovak and Russian government representatives. We have prepared packs of lunch for foreign guests which they got during the way to the Dobrá terminal. The Dobrá village is near the Čierna nad Tisou.

THANKSGIVING DAY27. November 2008

Undoubtedly, the biggest and the most traditional holiday for American citizens is Thanksgiving day. Our catering company has prepared ceremonial dinner for employees of U.S.Steel who celebrate this holiday with their families. The president of U.S. Steel welcome attending people and it was the best time for cutting the turkey. In the USA it’s a habit, that father cut the turkey. We have had 17 cooks and 20 waiters looking after guests’ satisfaction. We have taken the personal thanks from the U. S. Steel president for that event.